Welcome to the dedicated website for the Accent Ensembles, the various music groups run across Warrington and Halton by ACCENT MUSIC EDUCATION HUB.

Accent’s Vision is

Placing the emphasis on Music Education across Warrington and Halton

and the variety of groups run under our umbrella certainly helps to do that.

On this site you can read about the following groups:

This site is where we will also feature some of our special projects. For example: during the various Coronavirus lockdowns we have been unable to meet up for rehearsals, but we have been holding virtual rehearsals and in the run up to Christmas 2020 we released our very own online Advent Calendar, featuring performances recorded individually at home and mastered into a group performance video!

Would you like to know more about the Accent Ensembles?

You can email the Accent Music Hub here: info@accentmusiceducationhub.org

Or, you can email Paul McGhee who conducts both HSWB and Splinters here: paul.mcghee@accentmusiceducationhub.org

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